Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Leah. I earn my living through the support of Microsoft products such as Microsoft Exchange (15 years) and Forefront Identity Manager (9 Months). I am a jack of all trades, but specialize in the aforementioned technologies. I currently work for a very large corporation with a very complex technical environment. This job has been by far the most challenging in my career and the least rewarding. The plus side is that the complexities of the environment have awarded me experience you can’t get from all of the Microsoft Certifications in the world. This blog is mainly an online journal for me to keep track of some of the craziest issues I’ve come across since I began my journey in Windows Administration. If these posts help anyone else, then that is just an added bonus. Recently I’ve come across issues and resolved issues for which there was very little documentation online to use as a reference. I’ve been Googling for technical solutions since the internet became cool. Hopefully with this blog I can give something back.